Monday, 25 April 2011

Meringues - treats for m'girls!

Meringues may just be the simplest desert to bake - ever. It's their simplicity that I love and they are fantastic if you have a very sweet tooth (like me).

All you need is egg whites and sugar (50g of sugar for each egg white). I used 4 eggs and 200g sugar. 

Following a long day of cleaning and unpacking with friends (moving a friend into her gorgeous new house) I wanted to give the hardworkers a treat - a girly desert. 

I decided on mini pavlovas and made half of them pink and strawberry flavoured using a mixture of strawberry juice and a dot of food colouring. 

This was added at the last minute and stirred only a couple of times to give a ripple effect.

Made the day before (baked for an hour at 140)- all I had to do was whip, and add, some cream and strawberries when the girls arrived. 

Lightly dusted with icing sugar these Spring puds seemed to go down very well as we polished them all off! 

A well deserved treat for my hard working ladies!


  1. They look absolutely gorgeous! I'm sure they were delish!!

  2. They look amazing! Meringues scare me...Not sure why hehe! x