Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Making Banana Cake - add a twist of your own creation.

I'm back after a break while I moved house and got engaged! 

Here is a staple in our house - Banana Bread.
I have several different recipes for banana bread. This one is my favourite because it is so so easy and so so so quick. All you do is measure out the ingredients, put them into a food processor, mix and bake. No folding in, no difficult steps, that's it.

We sometimes use it for breakfasts during the week as, once it's made it needs no prep time. For the breakfast version, I use wholemeal flour and add a teaspoon of baking soda to help the heavier mixture to rise. This makes it healthier and more filling.

So, the basic recipe is:
2 ripe bananas
170g caster sugar (brown sugar can be nicer though)
170g self raising flour
170g margarine
3 eggs
A few drops of vanilla essence

Yummy things to add: chocolate chips, dried apricots, raisins - your call. Whatever you put in,  make sure you save a small amount of the banana to slice and put on top, it looks good as well as tasting good!

This time, I decide on raisins and as a bit of a twist - I soaked them in Pimms first! This guarantees that the cake will be moist and also that it will be richer than usual. I find this recipe comes out differently but well every time. 
Give it a try! x