Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Baking day - cupcakes.

As promised, to ease our way through the last working week before a 2 week holiday. I had a go at making electric coloured cupcakes! Making the fabulously lurid icing was, in itself, energising!
I used a basic cupcake recipe and decided to make them darkly cocoa packed so that the colourful icing would stand out as much as possible. I used butter-icing and added blue colouring - much more than usual!

The verdict: Everyone was very grateful for their Monday morning  pick-me-up. The colour proved either alarming or exciting, depending on the individual. As for me, I loved making these (although I really need to work on my icing skills!) and the electric blue icing stopped the cupcakes from being too twee! As the cupcake is so versatile and delicious, I dare-say  that they are here to stay - hoorah! Lets get decorating.

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