Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Breadsticks?! Bake your own!

Have you seen the BBC's latest cookery show and their new 'queen of food porn' (Ms Lawson being the old one)?! Her name is Lorraine Pascale. The show - 'Baking Make Easy'. 
Baking Made Easy (Lorraine Pascale)Now, I grant you that she can be a little irritating (my brother refers to her as horse-face!) and there is a blatant selling of her lifestyle and look as well as her food, but put that to one side because the girl can cook!

I was given her book as a Birthday present and was really pleased as I'd been scribbling down the odd recipe as I watched the series.

The book is good but could do with a few more pictures - some of the recipe names are not familiar to me and I'd like to be able to see what it will/should look like once I've finished.

There is a real mixture of recipes that range from the simple to the more complex. One of the simplest recipes I found was for home-made breadsticks. They looked delicious and I fancied some quick baking. The recipe can be found here:
I had a go and found the recipe very easy to follow. 

A tip I picked up from watching her make these on the show was just how long you need to knead the bread. 

It says 10 mins (5 with a machine) and you really do have to knead for that long - it feels like a long time, so keep an eye one the clock.

I also had great fun creating different twists and plait shapes. The were quickly baked and came out beautifully - I was chuffed!

To make this into a quick dinner I also baked 'Camembert & Roasted Garlic' which isn't even really a recipe, it simply involves putting those two items in the oven too.
imple though it is, this was delicious and made the most of having freshly baked bread. 

Now, I will admit that this recipe made me eat a disgraceful amount of cheese!
...but who cares - if you make your own breadsticks, I say you can have as much cheese as you like! Right?!


  1. Can these be stored and eaten the next day if so how should you store them?

  2. They can, yeh. Just let them cool and then put into an airtight container (not in the fridge). They won't store for very long though - 2 days tops. If they seem a little stale, you can spritz them with a little water and then reheat them before eating. Let me know how it goes!