Thursday, 16 February 2012

Simple cocktail for a romantic night in

I would like to introduce you to the Bellini (cocktail) ...if you need introducing:
Bellini is a long drink cocktail that originated in Venice. It is a mixture of sparkling wine (traditionally Prosecco) and peach purée. It's one of Italy's most popular cocktails.

I'm not generally a fan of making cocktails at home - too many weird ingredients that you'll be left with for months going slowly sticky and disgusting in your cupboards! 
However, this little beauty is simple seductive and scrumptious (if you have yet to celebrate Valentines Day then that would be the ideal excuse for one or three of these!). 

All you need is peach purée and Prosecco or some other kind of sparkling white wine. At this time of year getting your hands on decent peaches could be tricky and who needs the mess of pulping them anyway?! 
I highly recommend that you grab yourself some ready made peach purée (see pic). 
[I'm not sure if it's widely available but Waitrose definitely stocks it].

1/4 fill a glass with peach, add a little wine and stir gently to combine. Then just top it up with more fizz.

Delicately fruity and delicious.

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